Imperial Crane Services, Inc. Introduces the Damper to the Crane Market

Through our partnership with Pile Driving Solutions Inc., Imperial Crane Services, Inc. is able to present the only certified damper/isolator for the purpose of absorbing the vibration from a vibratory hammer and the damage that these hammers put on cranes. Pile Driving Solutions Inc. became the official distributor of the dampers. This product now allows the use of hydraulic cranes to be used for vibratory hammer work with little to no impact on the crane. It provides extended protection to all cranes from the vibration put out by the hammers.

The damper minimizes most vibration to the crane due to the vibration put out by vibratory hammers. It maximizes the safety of the crane work being done, provides little to no maintenance, minimal set up and a potential ten year life expectancy based on the number of hours it’s used.

The damper can be used on all model cranes. Manufacturers like Liebherr require that dampers or isolators be used when vibratory hammers are placed on LR model cranes.

“The damper is engineered to absorb the vibration from the vibratory hammers, help job run smoother, reduce downtime and provide more safety for the type of operations. I’ve been around cranes my whole life and the damper by far is the best investment you can make to protect your cranes from the vibration put on them. This has opened up a new market for crane rental companies and I had been looking for this solution for over 25 years.”
— Jay Mooncotch, Owner of Pile Driving Solutions Inc.

Imperial Crane introduced their new product at the SC&RA (Specialized Carriers & Rigging Association) Annual Conference in Carlsbad, California. The damper on display was sold to a crane company that day after learning about the added benefits and cost saving opportunities to protect their crane. Since then, additional dampers have been sold all across the United States.

For over 45 years, Imperial Crane Services, Inc. has been committed to the manufacturing and heavy industries providing crane rentals on daily or long term lift projects.

For more information about Pile Driving Solutions, visit or Jay Mooncotch at 708-774-5562 or